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    ‚ÄčThe Future of "Dank" is Now!!

The Future of Dank is Now!

About Northern Alliance Genetics

Dedicated to Preservation - Passion for Innovation

Exclusive Seeds



We have some of the heaviest hitting, tastiest strains around HIGH-lighted by our exclusive "Lulu".  We are also "connoisseurs of the Dank" and have some of the favorite old-school strains from back in the day!



Future Projects

At N.A.G. we are always working on our next strain or reworking some old-time classic.  Expect nothing but the best strains for your dollar from our team of expert breeders.


Buying Seeds

Northern Alliance Genetics sells regular seeds at 10 seeds per pack for a reasonable price.  Our seeds are all fully tested and are legit! 




Securing and preserving classic and unique cannabis genetics is and has always been seen as a noble pursuit.  Existing in harmony with nature, living by the seasons, and cultivating quality medicine... this is what cannabis teaches.


Northern Alliance Genetics promotes these qualities and ideals through their new, heavy-hitting strains and their lovingly-kept classic seed selections.  Find a unique, new favorite or re-live the flavor and feel of that days-gone-by flower that you were never really able to forget!